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CEO Message
As we embark into another year since I started Qeon Interactive, I can’t help but express my excitement and optimism for our company. We are heading into a new direction and immersing ourselves into the future, and we believe the future is in mobile gaming.

South East Asia, as we have always known, is full of potential and now, it is becoming an emerging market in the mobile game business. With the growth of the economy, further investment into internet infrastructure and payment channels, I truly believe it will become one of the world’s significant mobile game market in the near future.

While many companies come and go in this highly competitive business world today, QEON has managed to sustain a steady growth over the past few years. I am proud that we have been able to build a user orientated culture here at QEON where we continue to strive to bring great games to our users, and continue to listen and serve them through our many channels and products.

These are exciting times for QEON, as we embark upon a new direction armed with our vast experience to bring great games to Indonesia and the world.

We will continue to strive for the best by putting our best foot forward as we leap into the future and the great beyond.

Riki Suliawan
President Director of Qeon Interactive