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Founded in the 1980s, MidPlaza Holding has become a byword for innovation and dependability in many different areas of industry in Indonesia.

MidPlaza Holding

It all started out from an office building, MidPlaza 1, in Sudirman area, the central business district in Jakarta, and since then Midplaza Holding has become one of the biggest holding companies in Indonesia with business spanning from real estate, hotels & leisure, service apartments, plantations, food & beverages, office buildings, information technology, and digital contents.

MidPlaza Holding owns and operates two office buildings, MidPlaza 1 and MidPlaza 2, both of which are located in the heart of Jakarta and are built with attractive and innovative architectural design in order to provide highly functional office spaces equipped with the most cutting edge IT infrastructure to ensure maximum productivity for the tenants.

MidPlaza Holding also possesses a fast-growing portfolio of distinctive, upper tier hotels and properties, which showcases its ability as one of the most premier real estate developer in this particular segment in Indonesia. The portfolio consists of the award winning Ayana Resort and Spa, Ayana Residences, Delonix, Intercontinental MidPlaza, Kemang Resort, Rimba, The Plaza Residences.

Moreover, MidPlaza Holding operates many highly popular and well known leisure business in many of its properties, such as the world famous Rock Bar in Bali, Bali Rose, Riverside Golf, and Kawano Group.

IT Infrastructures

Our IT infrastructures are provided and supported by Biznet Networks, Biznet Data Center, and Biznet Hotspot

Biznet Networks

Biznet Networks is the leading fixed line telecom and multimedia operator in Indonesia, providing Network, Internet, Data Center, Cloud Computing and Pay TV services. It owns and operates the most advanced fiber optic network and the largest data center in Indonesia, as well as the Biznet InterCity Network, which connects major cities on Java. Supporting these services, the company owns and maintains thousands of kilometer fiber optic conduit and cable around Jakarta and other major cities in Java and Bali.

Biznet Data Center

Biznet Data Center (BDC) owns and operates two of the most reliable data centers in Indonesia: Biznet MegaPOP Data Center, a Tier II data center located in Jakarta’s Central Business District area, and Biznet Technovillage Data Center, a Tier III green data center which is a part of the integrated Biznet Technovillage complex in Cimanggis.

Biznet Data Center provides highly-scalable, high quality, carrier-neutral data center services such as closed rack space, secure suite space, and 24/7 managed services within a controlled environment, supported by full redundancy, advanced power backup, and cooling systems.

Biznet Hotspot

Biznet Hotspot, a free wireless Internet service provided by Biznet Network saccessible from any wireless enabled devices such as notebooks, PDAs or smartphones. Users can use their Facebook account or register their mobile phone number to receive their username and password for free.

Biznet Hotspot allows its users to get high-speed Internet access by connecting to a free wireless hotspot available at many strategic areas in Jakarta, such as Starbucks, 7-11, Burger King, Domino's Pizza, McDonald's, Lawson, Wendy's, Family Mart, XXI, and so on.

Payment Infrastructures

Veritrans Indonesia is an innovative online payment platform specifically created for the Indonesian e-commerce market.

Veritrans Indonesia

Veritrans Indonesia is a joint venture between Veritrans, the largest online payment company in Japan;, the largest e-commerce company in Japan; and MidPlaza Holding.

Veritrans Indonesia aims to enable Indonesian merchants to carry out online e-commerce transactions in a fast, simple, and secure way.