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Final Bullet Exclusive VIP Test

Qeon Interactive's newest FPS game, Final Bullet, is about to held an Exclusive VIP Test in April 17 - 18 2015. This VIP Test is exclusive to only 500 invited Qeon users all around Indonesia. Qeon users are welcome to register as VIP Tester from April 2nd 2015. But we are unaware of the hype built when we first announce this game into Indonesian market. The result is quite surprising.

Only five days after we announced VIP Test to the public, the amount of VIP Tester have reached the quota. We already have 500 VIP Testers in only five days. At first, we were thinking about closing our VIP Test registration. But it turns out that our users demands more. A lot of them requested to prolong the VIP Test Registration. In answer to that request, we finally open the VIP Test Registration for the second time.