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Qeon and Intel Presents You Game Master Series

Qeon and Intel proudly presents Master Gaming Series, The Indonesian Premier Online Gaming Championship. Qeon and Intel hold this championship because Qeon, as a game publisher, and also Intel care so much about Indonesian E-Sport. Master Gaming Series will hold several gaming competition, such as Clash of Gods Tournament, Dota 2 Tournament and Internet Café Competition.

With this championship, we hope that Indonesian E-Sport athletes can develop even further to a whole new level. Beside that, Master Gaming Series hopefully will be the place to gather for gaming communities and E-Sport athletes around Indonesia. Clash of Gods Master Gaming Series will be held on September and November 2014. Meanwhile on October and December 2014, Qeon will hold Dota 2 Master Gaming Series.

Qeon and Intel is already preparing a lot of prizes for this competition, including 200 million rupiahs of prize money and also Mini PC's from Intel along with another interesting prizes. Besides Intel, there are a lot of other sponsors for this event. Here they are: