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Qpocket, New Communication Platform from Qeon

Publishing online games is something common that you can find in any online games publisher in Indonesia, but creating and launching its own messenger apps? Now that is something rare to find here. That's why, Qeon Interactive lately launched its messenger app named Qpocket. This communication platform aim to help Qeoners communicate easily with each other.

Qpocket also brings a lot of feature which is beneficial to its user. These features such as Feature, Qacha, Redeem and Status in Game.  Feature is like a news updates about Qeon's games that Qeoners can read from their cellphone. Qeoners can shake their Qacha once per day to receive free coupon that consist qash and in game items. With Redeem feature, Qeoners will be able to redeem their qpon anywhere and anytime without having to sit in front of their computer. Status in Game feature will give you information whose on line and are not.

Qpocket has finished its alpha testing on January 15th. Now it's officially launch and open to all Qeoners.