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Qshop, a New Shopping Feature from QEON

Buying an in-game item for a free to play online game is a common practice. But from time to time, there is a certain item that can only be acquired from winning an event. For a gamer that has a habit to visit the game publisher's website or forum from time to time, getting the latest information or event held by game master is easy. But for those who doesn't, it's quite a struggle to get the event information and also the item prize.

To help those gamer that has difficulties on joining events because they lack of information or just because they don't have the time to join the event, Qeon Interactive presents Qshop, a New Shopping Feature for QEONers to enjoy. Qshop is a portal for our gamer to purchase special items, such as cash item and also event items. We also periodically discounting some item. We certainly hope that this new feature will help those gamers that has trouble purchasing Qash item or event item.