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Company Overview

Our Vision

To become the best and the biggest gaming and digital entertainment company in Indonesia.

Our Mission

To provide the best experience and the highest level of satisfaction in gaming through excellent services, high quality products, and solid infrastructures.

Our History

Qeon Interactive
Qeon Interactive (QEON) was founded in 2011 as an online game publisher based in Jakarta, Indonesia. The name "QEON" [kee-on] actually originates from a gaming nickname often used by its founder, Riki Kawano Suliawan, who always believes that one day Indonesian gaming industry will become one of the biggest and the most influential in the world.

In 2011, Indonesia was experiencing a rapid economic growth, which is why Riki, after finishing his study abroad, decided to return to Indonesia. Moreover, Riki saw that there was a huge potential in the online gaming industry in Indonesia, which at that time just started to gain momentum, not only because the GDP and broadband penetration has significantly increased in the past few years, but also because he felt that the online gaming landscape at the time was still not up to its potential yet, in terms of bringing the highest quality products and games and also in providing the most excellent services, at the same level that he had experienced before in other developed countries, such as Japan and United States. As an avid gamer and ambitious young entrepreneur, Riki believes it was the right time for him to start QEON in order to make significant contribution to the growth of the overall gaming industry in Indonesia and to finally fulfill what has always been his childhood dreams.
QEON, as a company, is built around people who has always loved and lived for gaming and its industry. That way, all employees of QEON always have the same mindset that gaming is a serious business and work as hard as possible to bring out the best products and the most excellent services to all of our customers. QEON believes that gamers know what gamers want best and this belief will be one of the most important factors that determine the success of the company. These beliefs and core values are visible and present throughout all of the organization, the employees, the products, and the services of QEON.

QEON launched its first game, Shadow Company in May 2012, the second game, Heva Online in October 2012, the third game, Puzzle Kingdom in April 2013, Clash of Gods in February 2014 as their fourth game. In 4th quarter of 2014, Qeon introduces QBig Games, its new mobile games portal and Weapons of Mythology as their fifth game. Now, with over 100 full time staffs and employees in just over a year, QEON will prove its dedication in bringing and providing the best gaming and entertainment experience to Indonesian gamers. Look forward to seeing great titles from QEON in the near future which includes Kingdom Under Fire 2!